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Mission and Philosophy

The Office of African-American Affairs (OAAA) was established in 1976 as an integral part of the Division of Student Affairs at the University of Virginia.  It is charged with the responsibility of assisting academic and non-academic units in meeting the challenges of service delivery to African-American students.  The Office assumes broad responsibility for the creation of a supportive environment which promotes the students’ full participation in the University’s extracurricular life and enhances the sensitivity of the larger community to the needs, interests, and culture of African-American students.   At the same time, it recognizes the intellectual and social diversity among the students and strives to gear its programs and services accordingly.

In addition to providing services, the Office also seeks to foster interest in African-American culture as a major force in a pluralistic society.  It maintains on-going cooperative relationships with students, faculty/staff, alumni, parents, and the community.  These liaisons exchange information and advice, enhance the opportunities for the educational growth and successful matriculation and retention of African-American students.

Finally, the Office of African-American Affairs serves as a change agent, seeking to assist the University in addressing a range of issues related to students.  It advocates their interests and fosters the modification of institutional structures, policies, and practices which may inhibit the development of a genuinely pluralistic institution.

Maurice Apprey

Dr. Maurice Apprey was appointed as dean of the Office of African-American Affairs in June 2007. Dr. Apprey joined the University in 1980 and has been involved in the successful recruitment and retention of minority students in the Medical School, taught both undergraduate and medical students, residents in psychiatry and psychology, and hospital chaplains, among others.

Meet Our Staff

Patrice Preston Grimes
Associate Dean
Kimberley C. Bassett
Associate Dean
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Michael Mason
Assistant Dean
Officer Manager and Program Coordinator
Deanna Carter
Administrative and Office Specialist