Student Organizations

Student Organizations & Opportunities to Get Involved

The Office of African American Affairs encourages all students to get involved with one of the many student organizations here on grounds. With over nine hundred CIOs to choose from, you can find a sense of community while making new friends, enjoying campus traditions, and developing your leadership and practical skills. As you explore, you will discover that there are organizations that are directly sponsored by the University, closely affiliated with the University, and completely independent of the University (CIO or Chartered Independent Organization).

OAAA directly sponsors several programs/organizations that were designed specifically for Black students and were meant to improve the experience of being a Black student at the University of Virginia. Additionally, the Luther Porter Jackson Black Cultural Center has six student initiatives that collectively move forward the center’s mission of “preserving and disseminating information and ideas about the rich cultural heritage of African Americans and African people all over the world.”

Given the University’s commitment to student self governance, students have been supported in the creation of nearly 30 other active student organizations that are independent of the office, yet have maintained an ongoing collaboration with us. Each of these CIOs were created with a focus on the Black Experience.

In total, there are nearly 1000 active CIOs at the University with opportunities to get involved in each.