From the Desk of Dean Smith

From the Desk of Dean Smith

September 19th


Dear OAAA Family & Friends,


Thank you to the Afro-Latinx Student Organization for hosting this past Friday. A big shoutout to the Thomas Jefferson Foundation and Tyleik Chambers for sponsoring!



As you are headed into Week 5, please ensure that you have a plan of attack for the tasks that you must accomplish this semester. Organization is key to your academic success. The saying goes “Plan or be planned.” Too often, we allow time to control us when in fact, we should be in control of our time. Time is valuable and it is the only thing that we cannot get back.


Prioritize your time so it does not go to waste.


Join us next week for Black Friday from 1:30-3pm.

I look forward to serving you this semester.

Jeffery C. Smith, II
Assistant Dean