Angela Ragland Comfort

Office Manager
Fiscal Administrator

Angela Ragland Comfort is the dedicated Office Manager and Fiscal Administrator for the Office of African-American Affairs at the University of Virginia (UVA). Her remarkable journey at UVA began in the summer of 2004, and over the years, she has played a pivotal role in OAAA's success within the university.

With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Angela has accumulated a wealth of experience during her tenure at UVA. Her journey includes two years with the UVA Housing Division and an impressive 18-year dedication to the Office of African-American Affairs. Angela's extensive experience reflects her deep understanding of the university's dynamics and a passion for fostering a supportive student environment.

As the go-to person at OAAA, Angela seamlessly manages day-to-day operations, implements strategic budgeting, and serves as a crucial support system for students. Her multifaceted role underscores her dedication to ensuring the smooth functioning of the office while actively contributing to the success and well-being of the student community.

Angela holds an Associate's Degree in Business Administration, a qualification that amplifies her strategic approach to office management and financial administration. Her proficiency, coupled with years of hands-on experience, positions her as a leader in her field.

A proud lifelong Virginian and an only child, Angela finds immense joy as a mother to eight extraordinary children. Family is at the core of her values, and Angela enthusiastically embraces every aspect of motherhood, from attending sports games to coaching their teams and celebrating graduations and other accomplishments. Angela treasures each moment with her children.

Angela's dedication to UVA and her unwavering commitment to family paint a portrait of a professional who brings passion and excellence to every facet of her life.