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Welcome Letter to the Class of 2024

June 9, 2020
Letter to the Graduating class of 2024
Many congratulations for matriculating at the University of Virginia for your undergraduate college education! Given the strength of your accomplishments, I have no doubt that you had other choices and so I thank you for choosing us to accompany you on your journey to your next destination four years from now. That next destination would likely be a career or further preparation for a career.
To that end, the Office of African-American Affairs is uniquely equipped with a staff of Deans and others that can support you all the way. We have between us at least one hundred years of experience in advising and re-advising students in College for Graduate and Professional Schools like Medicine, Engineering, Law, Management, Public Policy and Education, among others. This next segment of your career preparation requires a staff of Deans who have the dexterity to calibrate the level of engagement you need in the form of academic and non-academic advising, mentoring, coaching, or sponsoring of students in order to get to the next tier of their career preparation. In any case, this calibration of engagements requires relationship building with us from the very start.
Why? I will emphasize three very realistic reasons. First, no matter how successful you are, and have been, you will require strong letters of recommendation for acceptance into graduate and professional schools and competitive workplaces.

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