What is GradSTAR?

GradSTAR is an Office of African-American Affairs (OAAA) initiative to support African-American students’ academic excellence and to promote personal growth and involvement in all University activities and programs.

GradSTAR empowers African-American students to create opportunities to gain knowledge and skills to succeed in a global society.


GradSTAR prepares students for:

·         Research experiences

·        Civic engagement & service projects

·        Clinical & career exposure (esp. for students in pre-professional areas of study)

·        Cultural enrichment opportunities (including Study Abroad)

It also helps students to access University resources including:

·        UVa Library and Media Centers

·        University Career Center

·        UVa Writing Center

·        Center for Undergraduate Excellence (CUE)

Tips for Success:

Schedule an appointment with your Association Dean or academic advisor & visit the OAAA office each semester before classes begin.

Use a planner to organize your academics and activities.

Develop a strong work ethic:

·        Practice good study habits

·        Go to professor/TA office hours

·        Form positive relationships with classmates

·        Attend Raising-the-Bar 

Balance your UVa Experience

·        Choose extra-curricular activities wisely

·        Seek support from OAAA Deans & Peer Advisors