Academic Advising: Studying for Success

Academic Advising: Studying for Success

Studying 101: Study Smarter Not Harder Vol. 5 10.31.22

The Power of Leftover Halloween Candy


So, you had a fun filled weekend with costume changes, dancing like it’s the beginning of the millennium and all that jazz. Tonight, you are going to witness a UVA tradition that has brought the community to grounds for decades, “Trick or Treating on the Lawn”. Even if you don’t dress up or care about Halloween this tradition that kids look forward to is a sight to see and an opportunity for them to get all their favorite candies to eat ‘til their little tummies can take no more. There’s going to be lots of candy and treats to go around but what happens to all those leftovers…...?????? Believe it or not there are ways of putting that leftover candy to good use and while you study too! Candy can play a positive role so let’s grab a handful while studying and learn how.

CANDY FOCUS: How Candy Can Help Study Habits

1.       SUGAR induced WILL-POWER

 A little bit of sugar can go a long way in helping you power through to the end of your coma-inducing reading study session. Recent studies have shown that consuming sugar helps you persevere through difficult tasks, to focus, and retain the information better as well. So not only are you getting an energy boost, but you will also be able to study longer for that exam or complete your assignment with a handful of candy corn.

2.       Peppermint Powered Focus

Having trouble focusing on the task at hand? Studies at the University of Cincinnati found that college students were able to concentrate better, become more alert and increase your mental focus. On top of that, why not enjoy having fresh breath as well. Not a fan of peppermints for your sugary snack…you can stop by your fave coffee spot and get peppermint hot cocoa or grab a piece of peppermint bark!

3.       Gum Smacking for Stress Relief

Chewing gum can reduce anxiety and enhance your attention span by reducing that nervous tension you may feel about that upcoming exam or paper. Chewing gum improves mood, increases your mental focus and blocks pain. The repetitive nature of chewing changes your focus to your tasks at hand. Who knew a stick of Juicy Fruit could do so much? 

4.       Chocolate Flavored Mood Boosts!!!!!

Chocolate! For some the taste alone brightens the darkest of days. However, the chemical phenylethylamine (PEA) that is contained in chocolate can actually enhance your mood! It has been proven to help relieve signs of depression and reduce CVD, but what does that have to do with studying? You get to enjoy your favorite M&Ms you’ve been thinking about while writig that paper! If you’re in a better mood, you will study longer, if you study longer you’re bound to complete that assignment and be ready to ACE that next exam!

So, let’s put that leftover candy to good use as studies have shown that eating candy can actually help you become a better student by increasing the effectiveness of your study time. Candy may increase your willpower, enhance your mood, improve your focus or relieve your stress. Happy Studying Family, as you elevate your Black Excellence!

Remember maintaining your BLACK EXECELLENCE is a constant process.

Your progress is our success”

Dean Kelly