Academic Advising: Studying for Success

Academic Advising: Studying for Success

Studying 101: Study Smarter Not Harder Vol. 14 10.9.23

Fall break has come and gone and we hope you had time to enjoy….or not?!?! Now you are working towards maintaining your momentum to continue working effectively, using your time wisely and making smart decisions as you plan this second half of the fall semester. Many of you are complaining of tiredness and that is normal as you try to cram in all your activities socially and academically. Sleep is your friend, but when you are lacking sleep and need to study there are options!!!!

Let’s explore how to study when you are tired because you’re going to do it!!!!

Remember maintaining your BLACK EXECELLENCE is a constant process.

Your progress is our success”

Dean Kelly Smith

7 Ways to Study when you’re tired!!!

1.     Tackle the easy things FIRST!

Start studying easier subjects or chapters first! Getting into the mood to study can be hard if you are sleepy or not! By working on something easy, you trick your brain into getting started. The satisfaction of completing a topic will also boost your mood and encourage you to continue studying, despite feeling tired.


2.     Chew Gum

Studies have shown that chewing gum while studying improved attention and stress reduction. So chew some gum, it provides double duty in keeping your breath fresh and increased alertness while you’re hitting the books


3.     Drink plenty of H20

Ditch the caffeine and drink water! H20 had been found to assist in battling tiredness. Just a tiny reduction in total body water can affect your mood and thinking. 


4.     Take a brief exercise break

Increasing your heart rate and moving throughout your study session can assist in keeping you awake. Try these moves to re-energize your brain but only briefly.

·         Jumping Jacks

·         Chair Squats

·         Wall Sits



5.     Set Study Goals

A good study plan goes a long way. It helps to keep track of your progress especially when you are tired and can’t think straight. Remember to be realistic and set goals which can be accomplished in the time you have. Think small and doable.


6.     Avoid Distractions

You need every ounce of attention you have to focus on your studying and tasks at hand. Don’t waste it on distractions. Put your phone on silent mode or DND. Your BLACK EXCELLENCE requires 100% attention.


7.     Snack on Nuts

For an easy-to-eat snack that’s yummy and beneficial, you can’t go wrong with nuts. Nuts are brain FUEL (almonds, pistachios and brazil nuts)! Since you’re running low on brain fuel, snack on walnuts which are the champs of nuts. The synergy between the antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids in walnuts increases brain power and boosts mental alertness. This should hopefully translate to a more productive study sesh thanks to the walnuts’ vitamin E that helps improve your working memory! Cool factoid right….


Bonus Tip

Watch something that scares you

Now this is not for everyone, but watching something scary, spooky and haunting may keep you from nodding off (it is Halloween season). This one-off study session is important even though you’re feeling tired, so you can pull off an all-nighter if you see fit, although highly not recommended.  

I hope these tips are helpful as the season is changing and it is getting dark sooner. Get in tune with your body and adjust your study according to your needs. Your future is brighter when you study smarter and not harder.


Have a blessed and productive week