Dawson's Row: Home of the Office of African-American Affairs

Dawson's Row: Home of the Office of African-American Affairs

Office of African-American Affairs: Where the support occurs.

Since its inception, the Office of African-American Affairs (OAAA) has been a cornerstone of support and enrichment for students at the University. Spread across various locations along Dawson’s Row, these facilities continue to serve as vital hubs for academic, social, and cultural resources.

At the heart of Dawson’s Row is the Luther P. Jackson House, serving as the administrative nerve center of OAAA. Here, students can access essential services and dedicated support staff dedicated. For instance, in Dawson’s Row #4 there is:

  • a computer lab,

  • a library,

  • Deanna Carter, Administrative and Office Specialist and student office support personnel,

  • Angela Comfort, the Office Manager and Fiscal Administrator,

  • Assistant Dean Chimene Boon, Director, Grad Star Program,

  • Assistant Dean Jeffery Smith,

  • And finally, Darren Kelly, Associate Vice President, and Dean of OAAA.


Adjacent to Luther P. Jackson House is the Luther Porter Jackson Black Cultural Center (LPJ), situated in Dawson’s Row #3. The office of the Assistant Dean, and Director of LPJ, Hashim Davis, is located within the building. LPJ offers a welcoming space for students to study, organize, and connect. The center also proudly showcases artifacts donated by the family of Luther Porter Jackson, enriching the cultural experience of visitors.

W.E.B. Du Bois Center is housed in Dawson’s Row #2. Here, Associate Dean Kelsie Kelly Smith serves as the Director of the Peer Advisor Program, which offers invaluable support to students across the center. Additionally, the center features a designated room for student support personnel, further enhancing the accessibility of services.

These facilities, with over 45 years of history, are not only integral to OAAA but also hold a significant place in the University's unique heritage. Each building carries its own story, waiting to be explored and appreciated by all who pass through Dawson’s Row.