What is a Peer Advisor?

What is a Peer Advisor?

Description of a Peer Advisor

Peer Advisors are a select group University of Virginia second-, third-, and fourth-year students chosen to serve as mentors and advisors to the entering class of first-year and transfers students throughout their first-year at the University.

All Peer Advisors undergo an extensive training to ensure they are prepared to assist entering students with common issues faced by new students to the University.

The Chair(s) of your chosen Program Committee Attend and participate in all Fall Orientation workshop activities


  • Gain extensive knowledge of University resources
  • Develop transferable interpersonal skills
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Become a recognized student leader on Grounds
  • Build lifelong relationships with members of the student body
  • Project RISE Gold certification (after year one)
  • Project RISE Platinum Certification (optional after year two, with more intensive training)

Requirements for Application and Acceptance       

In addition to biographical data, typed thorough applications should be completed and submitted by the application deadline. The quality of the essay responses is crucial in the selections process.

All new Peer Advisors are required to enroll in and complete EDHS 3895 Peer Counseling Theory and Skills by the end of their first Semester/year as a Peer Advisor, if they have not taken the course already.

Final appointments are contingent upon meeting the PA qualifications, attendance to the training sessions and meetings as outlined by the director.