Black Leadership Institute

Black Leadership Institute

The Black Leadership Institute at the University of Virginia


The Black Leadership Institute (BLI) convenes Black students interested in historical and current leadership throughout the Black community for the purposes of community development and leadership training. As such, the mission of the BLI is to provide resources that sustain communication, solidarity, and cultural consciousness among Black students at the University of Virginia.


The goals of the BLI are to:

•       Promote unity and community within the Black student population by bolstering the capacity for leadership throughout the Black community, on grounds and beyond.

•       Carefully consider past and current student leadership at the university as future platforms for leadership are developed.

•       Encourage and facilitate collaboration and support between black student organizations

•       Provide students with opportunities to apply learned leadership skills within an emerging (real-world) leadership context.

Purposes & Benefits of membership:

•       Create a cohesive and strong body of student leaders

•       Improve organizational efficiency through training

•       Leadership Development

•       Networking among aspiring and practicing student leaders

•       Access to BLI-alumni

•       Special BLI-ONLY social events, leadership enrichments, and Regional Conference attendance

•       Celebration and recognition through the Organization awards


If you have any questions, please contact

Dean Mason

Phone: 434-924-7923
Fax: 434-924-0513