Schedule a Meeting with Your Dean

Schedule a Meeting with Your Dean

Selecting a Dean for a One-on-One Appointment

Many of you are aware of our spaces throughout Dawson’s Row, some have figured out ways to engage with our programming, and most of you have broken bread in Dawson’s Row with us and one another. In addition to the cultural programs we host, however, each Dean is available to meet with students to provide one-on-one support (i.e., academic, social, and emotional) to all our students.

For this transitional year, we have made a few significant changes to how students can make appointments with the Deans. All Deans are available to provide academic advising, support through difficulties, and sometimes, simply be a trusted mentor or guide.



Kelsie D. Kelly
Dean Kelsie Kelly is your assigned Dean. Dean Kelly is prepared and excited to think with you all about transitional issues, pre-health and advising, and is connected to peer mentoring and advising.


Jeffery Smith
Dean Jeffery C. Smith, II, is your assigned Dean. Dean Smith is prepared and eager to assist in transitioning into greatness beyond UVA. For many of you, the workforce will be your next step, and for some of you, graduate and professional school. Dean Smith is available to help you get to your destination.


Antoinette Thomas
Dean Antoinette Thomas is your assigned Dean. Dean Thomas is prepared to help you negotiate your career choice, clarify your major, and to help support students in the Batten School of Public Policy and Leadership and the McIntire School of Commerce.
Walk in


 If you are in need of support even sooner than the first available appointment, our Office provides Walk-In support each day, Monday-Friday. Feel free to walk-in as needed.