Hoos Helping Hoos: Get Involved

Hoos Helping Hoos: Get Involved

Hoos Helping Hoos FAQS: Get Involved!

1.       How do you get involved?

Project RISE is likely one of the most unique helping experiences you will encounter while a student at the University of Virginia. Being a Project RISE counselor will likely be just as helpful in your life as it will be for those you help. It will prepare you for jobs in a wide variety of fields including medicine, research, teaching, and social services.

Only UVA undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to staff at Project RISE. If you are a student and would like to become a Peer counselor, you must successfully complete the following: 1) EDHS 3895 – Peer Counseling Theory and Skills (3 credits) and then 2) Apply to become a Project RISE Peer Counselor.

EDHS 3895 is offered every Fall. We encourage students to take the course as close to 1st year as possible. The course will prepare you for helping in virtually all student support roles available to students at the University (i.e. Peer Advisor, Peer Health Educator, Resident Assistant, and Helpline Supporter). We welcome students of all skill levels, however – no prior experience is required.

2.       Are there leadership or research opportunities available in Project RISE?

Absolutely! Students who are seeking advanced leadership and research skills in helping can take EDHS 5241– Peer Support Program Research, Design, & Evaluation in the Spring of each year. This course is an advanced undergraduate/ early graduate level course that teaches students how to build “one to many” interventions that are sustainable within the University.

3.       How can I get involved if I’m not a UVA student?

If you are not a student, but represent another organization or would like to get involved in some way, please contact us at PRISE(at)virginia(dot)edu with information about yourself and ideas for potential collaborations.